service for 6 never used call for more info 337-354-2426
40 pieces never used call for additional info pick up in leesville call 337-353-2436 Eliz
Teal, Gold Colored and & multicolored plate and vase.
Set of 5. Tallest is 16 inches to top of stopper, shortest is 9 inches.
4 of each. Goblets, tumblers, etc. Waterford Crystal.
8 larger bowls, plates, saucers, cups. Pitcher, assortment of larger plates and bowls.
good shape, still full and original bracket
good shape, has tripod and original box
Lowes ertyl dicast truck with Case XX 2 blade canoe pocket knife in the back of truck made in the year 2000 all still new in the box $200.00 call or text 337-353-7456
I have some 1943 date steel pennies for sale $3.00 each call or text 337-353-7456
Antique scales. Call 337-348-1732
These scales were in an old general store. Call 337-348-1732
Antique floor scales from an old general store. They are very accurate. Call 337-348-1732
Antique scales. Call 337-348-1732
Silver is trading at $ 14.20 per ounce.
Beautiful LEGO store display. great for LEGO collector sell for $ 75.00 Call me 9 to 9 at 337-208-4150 in the pickering area
Grape Platter text me at 337-485-0564
spode blue room collection
Dark Wooden Antique Quilting Frame w/ Metal Stablizers on the Bottom Frame for more Support the Metal can be Nailed to a Foundation. It is in Very Good Condition. It has No Issues ! The Only Reason I am Selling it is bc, I have a Bad Back and Neck Medical Condition and I Can't Use It Anymore.
Solid Wood, Side Table, Has 2 Pull Outs
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